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MMTed will offer on-line, interactive tuition in Modern Monetary Theory in partnership with the leading proponents of MMT across the Globe

Students will receive first-class tuition from well-known professors in small classes facilitated via an on-line video platform (real-time and pre-recorded) and will be able to access learning materials in digital and hard-copy formats.

We also offer Masterclasses that are staged at venues around the major cities of the world (suspended during pandemic).

It does not hold itself out as an award-conferring educational institution under any national accreditation jurisdiction. It operates in the long-standing tradition of the Free University (although some costs might be recovered).

MMTed is a project run by the - Centre of Full Employment and Equity.

Coming Soon - Quiz

The famous Weekend Quiz from Bill Mitchell's Blog will reappear here soon.

Visitors will be able to access the database at any time and randomly generate your own quiz questions (and analysis) on demand.

An announcement will be made soon when the quiz app is ready for use.

What is monetary sovereignty?

Our next course will be a four-module investigation of how the term monetary sovereignty is used in MMT and the confusion that it creates.

We hope to offer this course in February 2023 as our resources permit.

Upcoming courses at MMTed

MOOC - Introduction to MMT

Will run again in 2024

In this course, we will introduce the basic building blocks of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) with a focus on preparing for more detailed study of MMT.

Subject Details - see details above under MOOC
What is Monetary Sovereignty?

Planned for December 2023

An four-module course on what being a currency-issuer means. We will examine the different states of sovereignty and the limitations on fiscal policy.

Subject Details - Available later.
Basic Concepts in Macro

Expected February 2024

In this course, we will introduce the basic concepts of Macroeconomics as an essential prerequisite for more advanced studies in Modern Monetary Theory.

Subject Details - Available later.

Teaching Materials

Information on accessing teaching materials and running your MMT University account will be available when the funding arrangements are in place (hopefully around mid-2020 at this stage).

MMTed will draw on a range of materials for its educational program but will also use the new textbook - Macroeconomics - published by Macmillan in February 2019.

This is a two-semester, University-level sequence in Macroeconomics and will form the basis of the program offered.

Mitchell, Wray and Watts Macroeconomics Text


Information on governance, management staff and other structure will be available in due course.

Initial enquiries should be directed to Professor Bill Mitchell - see below.


Information on enrolment procedures will be available in due course.

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MMTed is a project run by the Centre of Full Employment and Equity

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