The Smith Family

The Smith Family Manga - Season 2

Focusing on the lives of the school kids

Season 2 begins on June 28, 2024

Episode 1
Season 2 Episode 1 promotion  
Recession hits the nation

The morning news announces that recession is here and Ryan applauds the government spending cuts.

Professor Noitawl says that growth friendly austerity is necessary.

Coming June 28, 2024
Episode 2
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The Senior Economics Class begins

The school year begins and the kids are introduced to Minako, the exchange student from Kyoto.

The new economics teacher wants the class to stick to the curricula and to stop asking questions.

Coming July 12, 2024
Episode 3
Episode 3 promotion  
Ryan comes home with bad news

Ryan is late home after a tough day at work and tells Elizabeth that things have changed.

The family have to face some harsh realities while the economic news confuses Ryan.

Coming July 24, 2024, 2024

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